Church Insurance

Business Insurance for Churches and Religious Organizations

Whether you are a priest or minister, lay volunteer or a member of your church board of directors, Eastern Shore Associates can help you put together the right business insurance program. We understand that churches to mind business expenses and risk, but our experience working with church insurance programs in New York means we are also familiar with issues unique to churches, such as:

Business Insurance and Risk Management Programs for Churches

  • The extensive use of volunteers on church boards and in quasi-management positions; board members will have needs for individual liability insurance and their actions may create liability exposure for your church.
  • Higher expectations of conduct placed on clergy and church employees; this often means higher limits of insurance should be placed, and risk management should be be employed to reduce this liability risk.
  • Unusual church property such as stained glass windows, statuary, icons and building structures these can be expensive to replace and assigning a property value can be a challenge.
  • Sponsorship of youth groups and non-profit organizations who often use church buildings and facilities.

Analysis of board and non-profit activities, loss control plans, and insurance

Eastern Shore Associates can help analyze the risk your church faces, suggest ways to manage and minimize that risk and then put together an effective, economical insurance program. We have access to top rated church insurance programs from national insurance carriers; your insurance program may need to include:

  • Property insurance for buildings
  • Insurance coverage for donated and purchased statues, artwork, and building fixtures
  • Business Auto Insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance (for clergy)